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With a passionate commitment to the well-being of our community


Sha4cd has been present here in the city for more than 20 years.

From 2004

Our Team

We work tirelessly to address the most pressing needs and create lasting impact. From food assistance programs to educational initiatives and health services, our mission is to build a stronger, more resilient community. We value diversity and inclusion, and seek to empower every individual, regardless of their background, to reach their full potential.

Our Services

Food assistance

We encourage collaboration and community participation in the planning and implementation of food programs to ensure the specific needs of our community are addressed.


We promote equal educational opportunities, addressing disparities in access to education and providing resources to those facing socioeconomic disadvantages.

Recreational and Cultural Programs

We offer recreational activities that contribute to people’s physical and mental well-being, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Counseling and Emotional Support

We take holistic approaches that consider not only mental health but also overall wellbeing, addressing the physical, social and emotional aspects of people’s lives.


Our Goal is the Help !

Your support is essential, and every small action counts. Thank you for considering being part of this noble cause and for being an agent of change with us!"

Pieces of Toys, Clothes and more for children and teens
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Pounds of food donated to low-income families
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Pieces of Toys, Clothes and more for children and teens
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Other Services

Community development

We create programs that encourage citizen participation and community self-help.

Educational support

Scholarships and support programs to facilitate access to education.

Emergency services

Provision of essential resources during crisis situations.

CEO/Founder Director
Phone: +(1) 617-776-7515

Mr. Demallistre when to School of Arquitecture at the Universidad Central del Este, in the Dominican Republic.


Currently Salvador is working for over 11 years at East Boston Neiborhood health center, as Medical Interpreter, Somerville Hispanic association for community development where he has helped thousands of people with his skill to better their life by managing and planning their budget and income.


Throughout the years in this country he has worked for companies such as New England Memorial Hospital, Belmat travel Corporation, Metropolitan regional vocational high school, Cross Cultural Communication Services as a freelancer interpreter, and sha4cd.


Also he has served in in the Adventist hospital System. Salvador Demallistre Van Grieken found sh4cd in 2004 joined our organization since 2005 and brought with him the willingness to help plus the skills about mentioned to help us further develop this community that he has learned to appreciate and love.